Our Illustration Work Process

If it's not too much trouble go through the taking after Step by Step Strategy of our Outline Services:

1. Characters Subtle elements

All Character determinations to be outlined ought to be given from the client’s conclusion (reference characters, age, creature/human, cartoon or reasonable, etc)

2. Characters creating

Based on subtle elements given by the client for character creation, we are going to outline and send 2 -3 pencil draws of the characters. Boundless choices will be given until the client is fulfilled with the characters.

3. Illustration Instructions

On endorsement of the character, point by point depiction of each outline ought to be sent to us from the client’s conclusion with required scenes (story, reference outline in the event that any, background points of interest, etc)

4. Illustration Creating

The creation of the required Outline will be based on the detailed portrayal given by the client. 1 to 2 pencil outlines of the outline will be sent for endorsementWe are going to give you unlimited options until you obtain what you’re trying to find.

5. Illustration Coloring

Once the pencil draws are affirmed we’ll begin with the coloring of the outline. At this specific organization of the outline, as it were diminutive changes like changing of color, changing of expression, etc will be permitted. (Any major changes at this arrangement will be charged extra)

3. Illustration Layer Format

In conclusion, when the ultimate illustration is affirmed we are going to send the affirmed outline in JPG & PDF organize. On asking any other arrangements you require will be given.

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