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Educational illustrations promote effective learning by providing visual explanations of written material. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words !!

Since images are important in promoting students’ visual association, accurate and appropriate images are vital to any educational material. The painters in our design studio receive perfect training in advanced drawing methods and styles to ensure perfect delivery for each client. Every product that rotates our drawing board has a high quality visual, accurate in terms of dimensions and proportions.

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Why are our clients loyal to us?

Choice of more than 30 image styles
Custom made images.
Illustrator with specific skills in educational drawings
Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction
First proof within 4 working days
Competitive pricing
Final works of art delivered in any desired format (high-resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS, etc.)
Copyright of all images held by the author / publisher
A dedicated project manager for each client
Our painters have the skills and experience to meet the needs of any client with an eye for detail, unique artistic vision and perfect representative precision.

We provide you with the flexibility of unlimited change of artwork and the first proof within 4 days. We are professional, flexible and reliable. All our amazing services are available to you at highly competitive prices

Are you looking for an educational illustrator?

The painter has an educationally illustrated skill in the wide artistic style of the clipping path and has a deep understanding of the text. It gives us a unique perspective on creating image content that is not only accurate, but also aesthetically appealing; No matter how complex the written content is, the student “gets it” at a glance.

Our skills include
Academic image
Medical Illustrations
Geographic image
Kindergarten textbook images
Elementary school textbook illustrations
High school textbook images
Designed for scientific publications
Image for school web site and interactive media
We have vast experience in textbooks, professional journals, educational films, computer-aided learning programs, exhibitions, presentations and magazines.

Outsource your educational image in India

The vast majority of top publishing companies (up to 66%) from the United Kingdom and the United States carry their imagery projects in India. The reason for this outsourcing boom in India is good health as well as high quality output for this project. The path of Illustrator Clipping can guide you to complete your project efficiently with the help of high quality images from India. Under the guidelines of Illustrator Clipping, your project can enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations.

How To Process Our Illustration

In collaboration with you, we collect every little detail of the illustrations you need. This is the precedent el for creating accurate and suitable visuals for your educational content
Based on this information, we will create some pencil sketches of the visuals. Initial sketches can be subject to unlimited sketches and changes until you approve. We’ll stop when you’re ready!
With the approval of the sketch, we will work with you on the details of each figure required.
Images created after you are completely satisfied will be final. Even at this stage we give you the flexibility of unlimited change.
Once the images are finalized by you, we start adding color to the sketches using the exact art of color contrast. At this stage you may need any minor changes (such as color change) to improve your flexibility.
The final product will be sent to you in JPG or PDF format. Upon request, any other format you need can be provided

Images and animations for e-learning

gaining and educating assets depend intensely on outlines and livelinesss to lock in the learner. Within the computerized arrange, pictorial delineations and visual expressions are utilized to clarify complex concepts and ease the learning prepare. Our artists are prepared to convey these visual helps in a run of styles, as per the substance necessityThe ultimate product will be made accessible in a arrange simply can embed straight into your e-learning content. Do investigate our site, have a see our interesting administrations and Contact us for your extendInclude your title to the developing number of educate and experts who are on our set up clients list.

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