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The story so interesting......

Our company history is a lot of fun. When we are having After together with some friends, graphic issues, we have tea and chat, we often share experiences about various jobs. In that case, we will have some economic improvement and our reputation will spread. We will all be able to move forward together in life.


The Target

But the vision to form a contrast was continuously in center and with victory came the certainty to thrust for the alter and to touch a million lives. The creation of ‘The Free Books Project’ was born out of this desire to create the world distant better; a much better higher; a stronger; an improved”>an improved putto affect the lives of children over the world by giving them with more prominent opportunities.

Our Mission

As per the extended arrangement, this site will have 50 Children’s books accessible for gratis uploading inside another sixty days; these books will be vivified and transferred on YouTube afterward this year. All the benefits from this location will be rolled back into the extendin the long run giving thousands of free books to youthful peruses all over.

Our Partner

As per the venture arrangement, this site will have 50 Children’s books accessible at no cost uploading inside another sixty days; these books will be energized and transferred on YouTube afterward this year. All the benefits from this location will be rolled back into the ventureinevitably giving thousands of free books to youthful perusers everywhere.

Rest Story

In this way, our few months will go by and then our study will be over. We have now discussed these issues. Some laughed at us but we kept our resolve and we five friends stayed at home and in some cases worked in the local marketplace. One of our friends said that it is good that we are working on the games we have in the local market. Not if we ourselves share our own work on a website, letting everyone in the world know is a portfolio of ours We can make Leo with the name of our company so that we can go further

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